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Email Marketing Comparison - Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, AWeberThe choice of which email marketing software to use largely depends on what kind of email marketing you plan to do.

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For example, if you’re a web designer like I am and have a bank of clients that want to do email marketing, then Campaign Monitor is the pretty obvious choice. This is because they have a system that lets you a white-labelled version of their service to your clients.

However, if you’re a small business who wants to start up email marketing to your clients, you’ll want to check out Mailchimp or Aweber which is a breeze to use and starts at $1. Try AWeber’s Email Marketing Tool Risk-Free

Finally, two other popular email marketing software providers I’ve seen are AWeber and Constant Contact. AWeber is more geared towards bloggers and other online marketers, and has long had a stable presence in the market.

Constant Contact is geared to be user friendly more than anything else. So if you’re totally new to web marketing, you probably want to check them out.

The below table provides a quick comparison of these major providers.

They differ on a number of fronts. Let’s have a quick tour of each of the providers, their features, and their prices.

Constant Contact$15/month/500 subscribersNot
Campaign Monitor$5/campaign + $0.01/recipient or $15/month/
MailchimpFree up to 2,
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