Easy Email Campaigns: A KoobooMail Review

Kooboo mail reviewKoobooMail is a new and straightforward addition to the email marketing software field. In this review we will discuss some of this new product’s features and details.

The main point of any email marketing program is to send emails to your subscribers as quickly as possible in order to keep them updated and connected with your business. With KoobooMail you can send out an email campaign in minutes with the simple and straightforward email editor. If you don’t feel like making your own email format, they have numerous premade templates from which you can choose instead.

Once your email is created, it’s time to create your email contact lists. You are able to easily customize which subscribers will receive this email campaign with the segmentation tools that the software offers.  Before being sent, your email will be checked by our spam software to help ensure that it will reach the intended message inbox.

Like any smart business, you will want some way to measure the success of your email campaign and receive some feedback on it. KoobooMail has got you covered. KoobooMail has tracking software that will help you keep tabs on how your email campaign is reaching your customers with simple and easy-to-use graphs and charts. These charts have specific data like open rate and bounce rate. Another important feature is the survey. KoobooMail allows drag-and-drop style survey creation and results management so that you can generate a survey link or integrate survey HTML into your own website. This feature allows you to gain consumer feedback and gauge your email campaign’s impact on your customers.

One of the unique features of KoobooMail is the versatility of being offered as a renewable online service or as downloadable software that you can host on your own server. For the online service, KoobooMail allows you to pay as you go by emails sent or simply pay a flat fee based upon the number of email subscribers you have. Plus, KoobooMail is free to sign up for and use if you have fewer than 100 subscribers on your email list. With the downloadable software, it allows you to use all the features of the software while enjoying the flexibility of having it on your own server.

Overall, KoobooMail is a newcomer to the email marketing field, but it offers many good features coupled with very competitive pricing starting at as little as $7. They are still perfecting their software, but it puts them in the unique position of flexibility to the desires of the customer and growing and adapting with your business as your needs for email marketing increase.

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